The Benefits of Marble and Granite Kitchen Countertops

Granite Counter Top ProductsBoth marble and granite are excellent choices when it comes to upgrading a home's kitchen countertops, however there are slight differences that homeowners should be aware of when renovating prior to making a decision between the two.
While many people are drawn to using marble in kitchen countertops due to its ability to resist heat, the finish is still prone to damage if hot items are placed directly on its surface. Heat could cause the marble to discolour and this cannot be fixed. As such, it is recommended to use a heat-resistant placemat when resting hot pots and pans on marble countertops in order to protect your investment.
Although marble can change in colour due to heat, it is very resistant to cracks, scratches and breakage, making it an ideal material to use in areas of the home that see heavy use and traffic such as kitchen and bathroom countertops.
Each piece of marble is completely unique, making it impossible to replicate. While some homeowners enjoy a single slab of marble to use on their countertops, others prefer the appearance of marble tiles, which offer a highly aesthetic look.
Marble comes in a wide range of classic shades and hues, providing homeowners with many different options when it comes to achieving a desired look and feel. Homeowners that are looking to attain a more modern appeal will opt for darker marble colours of black, brown and deep grey. For a more traditional look, whites and beiges are recommended.
Regardless of the colour, marble will always be fashionable and a highly desired feature in any home.
While both marble and granite are equally beautiful, there are several differences that push more homeowners towards granite when it comes to selecting material for a kitchen or bathroom countertop. Granite is far less porous than marble and as a result, is more stain and scratch resistant. Marble is also less dense and is, therefore, more susceptible to damage from acidic components making granite a better option for kitchen renovations.
Granite is mainly composed of feldspar and quartz, and as a result, is extremely scratch resistant, which is also a great factor in a kitchen countertop. This material is an excellent option as it is extremely simple to clean and maintain. It is also very resistant to bacterial contamination, which is ideal in a kitchen environment where bacteria can easily breed and spread, making granite conducive to healthy living.
No two slabs of granite are alike and, like marble, it is available in a range of different shades to suit all designs and tastes.
Both marble and granite have been used in the construction of beautiful buildings for thousands of years and the existence of many of these buildings today stands as a testament to their durability and strength. Although these materials are slightly more expensive than cheaper alternatives, the benefits demonstrate that it is worth the investment. Contact a local marble or granite dealer to discuss the various options available for a kitchen or bathroom renovation.